Our Mission

The Mid-Atlantic Aviation Coalition (MAAC) was established in 1988, focusing on the interests of those who have strong concerns about the future of aviation. Members include pilots, airport owner/operators, flight instructors, aircraft owners, flying clubs, flight schools and FBO’s, balloonists, glider pilots, skydiving schools and aviation educators. Our mission is to keep the freedom of general aviation alive, well and growing in our communities. We approach the concerns of our members by looking at aviation policy, aviation education, aviation safety and aviation technology.



The Mid-Atlantic Aviation Coalition works hard to create effective aviation policies that meets the needs of the general aviation community. We interact with elected officials and other policymakers at the federal, state, and local levels to make them aware of the unique needs of general aviation and to educate them on the vital role that general aviation plays in their communities.



General Aviation has a “shrinking pilot population”, which needs to be rekindled, by inspiring today’s youth. Educationally, MAAC’s mission is to create connections between communities and their local airports using Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) as an attraction to a larger interest group – resulting in more pilots. Students and parents who never thought of aviation as a tool to personal discovery, will come to understand – that becoming a pilot of an aircraft is a valuable experience to becoming pilot-in-command of their own lives.



The Mid-Atlantic Aviation Coalition is committed to the highest levels of safety. We live this commitment by supporting safety seminars across the state and by encouraging all of our members to maintain the highest proficiency levels for the kind of flying they do. MAAC also works actively with the Department of Transportation’s Aviation Office to maximize airport safety.



The Mid-Atlantic Aviation Coalition embraces the use of new technology wherever that technology makes aviation safer. MAAC is committed to working on behalf of its membership to to ensure that the requirements applied to pilots and aircraft owners are reasonable, effective, and affordable.




The MAAC Officers

Frank Steinberg






Bob Checchio







Mary Sullivan







Bill Leavens

Newsletter Editor