Proposed NJDOT Regulations need your comments before 1/31/17

As you may know, about half of New Jersey’s public use general aviation airports are privately owned by small family businesses. The costs involved in maintaining and improving airport facilities are often beyond the ability of small airport owners to pay by themselves, making state grants vital for the runway and taxiway projects, new lighting, and other improvements on which we all depend. Changes in the NJDOT grant regulations from a couple of years ago, however, reduced the amount of government funding, especially at the critical project design and engineering stage.


To fix this problem and restore the ability of our airports to get the flow of grant money re-started, the New Jersey Department of Transportation has issued proposed changes to the regulations that govern airport grants. The changes permit NJDOT to cover up to 90 per cent of all types of airport projects, and, critically, to cover engineering and design costs. This is very good news for New Jersey’s state system of airports. But in order to ensure that the new regulations go into effect, it is important that NJDOT receive as many positive comments as possible.


The Mid-Atlantic Aviation Coalition therefore asks you to send a brief email message to NJDOT at to inform them of your support for the new regulations. Your message can be short and simple – what matters is that you stand up and be counted. It is critical that your voice be heard right now. All comments must be submitted to NJDOT by January 31, 2017.


For an example of a message of support, see the message below To review the new regulations, see the instructions at the bottom of this message.


Thanks for supporting New Jersey Aviation.


Frank Steinberg


Mid-Atlantic Aviation Coalition


Robert Checchio

Vice President for Legislative Affairs

Mid-Atlantic Aviation Coalition