MAAC Call To Action!

Tell your congressman or senator you support common sense reform to mitigate the burden of Presidential TFRs. You support legislation extending the “Maryland-Three” rules to any airport under a recurring Presidential TFRs.

Support Mid Atlantic Aviation Coalition (MAAC) today. Your membership in this organization allows them to educate lawmakers on behalf of general aviation in New Jersey.


What Does This Do?

It allows pilots who are screened to be given a PIN code and operate in and out of the inner ring of the TFR.
This program is already successfully in place and has allowed College Park, Potomac Airfield and Hyde Field to continue to operate despite their proximity to the Capitol and White House.
This program already exists, nothing needs to be invented, and it affords protection for our nation’s leaders while allowing law-abiding pilots access to their aircraft and airports.


What can you do?

Contact your Congressman or Senator and tell him/her you support this common sense legislation. Follow the link below and put in your zip code to find your congressional representative and express your support:


“North Jersey is bearing a tremendous burden when the President visits his golf course. Private aviation and the airports that serve pilots are severely impaired by forced closure. I support legislation extending the ‘Maryland-Three’ rules to airports under a recurring Presidential TFR. Allow law-abiding/screened pilots access to their airplanes and airports using rules and program that already exists and has proven safe and effective. Support general aviation. That program has allowed the three DC area airports to continue operating and providing public air transportation. Thanks in advance for any help in adopting rational security practices.”

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  • pete golden

    hi, i fly with freedoms wings international. if you have not heard of us before, we are historic and well known in soaring circles.
    38 years ago we were the 1st to put hand controls in gliders (now a standard option in many) we are an all volunteer 501cs non profit run by people with disabilities for people with disabilities.
    we hold 2 state soaring records in nj ( Krzysztof Lapinski ) our president chris lynch won a regional competition despite flying a aging 2 place trainer against high end racers. and just last week a paraplegic won the day at the world glider championships beating the most elite pilots in the world. (not our student but would never have been posible if we had not made soaring accessible to the world)
    we fly out of vansant in erwinna pa and blairstown in blairstown nj both fall under the tfr no fly zones
    for 2 years we have given no inspirational flights to disabled children or paralyzed veterans, or anyone. we have not given any lessons to our students. we only flew a handful of days by moving the glider to wurtsboro ny. we flew 15 disabled people from a mt saini hospital disability support group, and flew the region 2 north competition
    that is it
    and it has also shut down our fundraising entirely! after 38 years, this will be our last year flying if we don’t solve this tfr issue and gt some major donations (can be done through the website)

    we are desperate and our org is 1 of a kind, personally for a person with a disability there is no org more important more inspirational.
    we would like to join your fight, because it literally is fight back, or perish.

    August 2, 2018 - at 8:36 pm